středa 2. února 2011

Robert Ludlum - The Gemini Contenders

Vydáno: 1987 (1976)
Vittorio Fontini-Cristi is the eldest son of a wealthy Italian industrialist. His father's involvement in the hiding of a vault containing powerful religious documents leads to Vittorio's becoming enmeshed in events he doesn't fully understand. With World War II as a backdrop, he is hunted by many who want the vault's contents and protected by some who believe he will lead them to the vault as his life is transformed. He is never to escape this legacy, and before he dies, must pass it on to his twin sons--the Geminis who have both become involved in wars of their own. One son is career army with a Vietnam background, the other a peace loving war protester. They must cast aside their mutual dislike to once and for all solve the mystery that has always been part of their heritage.

Skóre: 6/10

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